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Valuable, Money-Saving Tips from Natural Movers Corporation

By saving your mover time, you reduce your overall moving cost. These suggestions can reduce the time required for your move by several hours.

1. Put all boxes in the garage or a room as close to the front door as possible, but out of the way.

2. Use a large marker to label boxes with the room where they’ll be placed in your new home.

3. Take all pictures and mirrors off the walls and place them in one room ready for our special packing.

4. Dismantle mirrors from dressers and leave them in the same room with the dresser they belong to. Tape screws or bolts to the back of the mirror.

5. Take beds apart and leave all components together in the room.

6. Leave non-breakable and non-spillable items in dresser drawers, but no valuables.

7. Pack all freezer contents in bags or boxes and leave them in the freezer with the freezer plugged in. The freezer will be the last item moved out and the first item moved in.

8. Leave hallways and doorways as clear as possible.

9. Take down all curtains, blinds and rods that are being moved. Unfasten and roll any fixed carpets that are to be moved.

If you have any questions about these tips or any other moving concerns, please contact us.

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